Mystery crime drama with a scifi twist

Same Same

Format: Webseries, 12 x 8min EpisodesProducer / Director / Editor Aviva, Emily, Yasmina are four twenty-something lesbians from very different backgrounds. Navigating life and love in Brooklyn is never a walk in the park. But when they meet through an iPhone app ‘SameSame’, the girls realize they have much more in common than they originally thought… Web Series, 12 x …

The Shack

A woman returns to her childhood home and confronts her memories. ‘ Short Film – 8 mins – 16mm Cast Stephanie Begg, Emma Strand, Henriette Tkalec, Ben Brock Director/Writer Stephanie Begg Producers Josh Mawer, Tor LarsenProduction Assistant Sarah Elizabeth Cinematographer Robert AgganisFocus Puller Ty OliverFirst Assistant Director Josh Mawer Gaffer Andrew WardBest Boy Josh Royce3rd ELX Rebekah ChislettSound Department Sound …

Many Doors

John’s attempt to drink his grief away lands him in a strange alternate world. Cast: Randle McNeal, Natasha Strang, Tracey Gordon, Matt Cammussi, Charles J. Heston Writer/Director: Stephanie BeggAdapted from the story by Michael SwanwickProducers: Paul Irwin & Josh MawerCinematographer: Tom Fanelle


A mine collapse leaves two men desperate. Short Film – 5 min – Arri Alexa 2KDirector: Josh MawerWriter: Stephanie BeggProducer: Liam HeyenDOP: Adam LynchProduction Designer: Courtney MulvayEditor: Bamdad ErfanianComposer: James CollinsSound Designer: Lana KristensenCast: Paul Barton, Bryce Youngman


Hybrid Documentary – 6 mins – ARRI ALEXA